melende fotoI feel blessed I accepted the invitation to attend the 15-day formation retreat of the Light-Life Movement here in Poland. I have been in the church since I was a little girl. To the perception of many people, I am a religious lady for l go to church always, attend mass and receive the Holy Eucharist, and pray the Rosary.

Well, they don't know I often experienced spiritual dryness, especially in my prayer life. I said my prayers in a routine manner. I discovered in the retreat, I always spoke to God and did not allow Him to speak to me. Thanks to the retreat I love the Tent of Meeting prayer most. During this encounter, I allow Him to speak to me and tell me how I can be His living witness.

Now, I have learned to listen and He keeps on telling me that if I want to make changes in others, the change should come foremost from me.

I feel a deeper, a more intimate encounter with Jesus as I receive Him in the Holy Eucharist. I am also so happy that I can feel His presence in the people I meet, especially the people in the Movement who take good care of me and all participants.

The real struggle, I know, will be when i go back to my family, friends and community. But I know I could always trust Him. He will always be there to remind me to strive constantly to be His living witness on my day to day encounter with His people.

Praise God in His glory!