Important Questions

andrzej Human existence may be reduced to biological processes and one often sees such an attitude in the contemporary world. However, it also possible to make human life a route of discovering a mystery, of finding answers to important questions such as: Who called people to exist here and why? Is a person an independent being or is he or she an important part of a greater entirety or, perhaps, does life begin accidentally and go nowhere?

A Christian will look for answers to these fundamental questions in the Bible. We read the explanation of the existence of man in the light of the revealed truth already in the first book of the Old Testament. Man is presented here as a unique work of God, the crown of Creation, to whom God entrusts the earth that He made and its riches. The Light which illuminates the beginning of the earth and the beginning of humanity enables us also to discover a certain truth about God. Our Creator acts according to a plan into which He incorporated man as His own image and likeness. As a result of that unusual likeness to God man is called to faith, love and eternal life. This calling may be put into practice in many different ways. However, sooner or later, and regardless of the chosen route, we encounter difficulties. Sometimes a lack of faith, too little love, fall of hope or some other problem prevents us from understanding and realization of God’s intention.

Difficulties are an inseparable element of human life, also spiritual life. Human weakness results from the first free choice man made when he had to choose between obedience to God and a desire to be like Him. When the first people reached for the fruit from the tree growing in the middle of Eden, they chose the way of behaviour suggested by Satan and consciously resigned from the possibility of celebrating their lives in accordance with God the Creator’s plan. That first act of free will, so distant from the intention with which God created the world and people, became a burden for the next generations that continue to make the wrong choices. However a bad choice does not mean that the one who chooses is bad. “God saw all He had made, and indeed it was very good” (Gen 1:31), thus man must be good, too. Probably that is why so many people keep seeking God and trying to fulfil His plan according to their capabilities.

Each person can tell his or her own story describing how difficult that is and each of these stories would be true. However the fullness of truth (and the fullness of difficulty at the same time) will reveal itself when all these separate stories begin to come together, just like all the separate elements of God’s plan join in one, full and perfect Creation. A community as a place of seeking God and strengthening faith, a community united by exceptional Love, makes dividing sorrows and multiplying joys possible. Thanks to community one gets even more, as “where two or three meet in my name, I shall be there with them” (Matt 18:20). Jesus Christ who is the Power and Love, the King and the Servant, the Lord and the Saviour, comes to the community but expects to be invited to each person’s life individually. Thanks to such an invitation, which must be a deed of free will, God the Man leads those who trust Him directly to God the Father, who has been waiting for His children since the moment of that first wrong choice. For each Christian life begins in Him and aims at Him.

Monika Jasina